Mailing Service

From start to finish we are happy to use our bulk mailing services to put your promotional media at people’s doorsteps. To find the right clients for you, we can use your mailing list/excel file or a report can be ran by a variety of demographics you are trying to target; age group, sex, income level, owners or renters, value of home, mail routes (by carrier), businesses, residential, etc.  Price of these lists depends on one time use or unlimited use and demographics chosen. TCSI Printing can run all mailing lists through CASS/PAVE certified software to ensure deliver-ability. You benefit through postage savings and reduced waste.

The minimum quantity to qualify for bulk mailing is 200 pieces. 


Average Savings for Bulk Postage vs. First Class Postage

  • 20-25% Savings for Businesses
  • 30-35% Savings for Non-Profit Organizations

Service Charges:

  • Delivery to US Post Office = FREE
  • Machine Folding (one sheet) = $0.02 each
  • Tabbing = $0.02 each
  • Machine Inserting = $0.03 each
  • Hand Folding = $0.09 each
  • Ink-Jet Names & Addresses onto mailing piece (self-mailing or envelopes) = $0.04 each
  • Application of Address Labels = $0.08 each
  • Sort by Zip Codes = $0.03 each
  • NCOA Report ran on your mailing list = $25 (ensures deliverability by the US Post Office)
  • Minimum Charge per project for labor = $150

For further questions or to receive a no-obligation quote please fill out our quote form.